‘Educate’ comes from the Latin ‘educare’ meaning ‘to draw out.’ In this brief blog I want to draw out the purpose of LRNteach and related websites, and my day-to-day work teaching at the Fundación Pierre Viret. I have to write something in preparation for an interview on the Colin Gunn show that will be aired tomorrow, and I want to be clear in my mind the rationale behind what I do, so that those who want to support me in these ministries, can have a clear idea whether it’s for them or not. So, in a few short sentences, here is the core of what drives my ministry, such as it is.

Christian Education

I believe in freedom of education

I come from a country, like your own, perhaps, where education is free at the point of delivery at the Primary, Secondary and Kindergarten level, more of less. In fact, the cost of my university education was funded by other people’s tax money, better than that, I got paid a stipend to cover my expenses. Free at last? No! My education, from my first day of primary to my University graduation was not free, but, on the contrary, was in near complete slavery to the anti-Christian religion of humanism. Christian teachers in the classroom, Christian prayer in the school, Bible reading and even Christian clergymen teaching state-sanctioned religious education only served to sanctify this engine of enslavement of the Christian heart and mind. A whitewashed grave still stinks at its core.

Humanistic statism is the number one idol which must be destroyed in the hearts and minds of everyone, particularly in the members of the Church of God.

I believe that freedom is found in Christ alone

Freedom is never found in anarchism, nor political formulae, nor correct Church government, but in Christ alone. In his blood atonement for our sins he opens the door to freedom in him. In his holy law of liberty, he calls us to walk in freedom. The only free school is a Christian school. That school must accurately teach the Law and Gospel of God or it must relinquish any claim to be ‘Christian.’

Teaching the law of God and the gospel of God is a key goal of any Christian school.

I believe that man was born to rule, under God

Man was created in the image of God, in knowledge, holiness and righteousness, with dominion over the animals. Man was born to rule the earth. Man, in Adam fell into sin and became slaves to the creation. In Christ, man is restored to that original dominion task. Man’s life will be frustrated if he is not to find his dominion calling, and exercise it, to the glory of God.
The Christian school must prepare the Christian man to be himself in Christ, that is,

the Christian school is a dominion-orientated school.

I believe that knowledge begins with the fear of the Lord

Nothing can be known about anything, in principle, unless the existence of the only true God, Father, Son and Holy Ghost is presupposed. Our starting point in every subject area must be in God and in his Word.

Christian education, to be Christian must address each subject area presuppositionally. Its educational theory and practice must also be tested presuppositionally and built on the only true foundation, Jesus Christ.

The Ministry of LRNteach

My calling, in Christ, is to become a Christian educator and promoter of Christian education. In our callings

I believe we must be productive

The command to “…be fruitful…” still stands, God’s will for us  is that we should bear much fruit. We are to use whatever godly means we can to be as fruitful as we can.

  • Today, this means, working on the internet. That is why I am active on Facebook, YouTube and with my own websites.
  • Furthermore, that is why I am working over the next three years to produce a digital ‘English as a Second Language’ curriculum, accessible to all with an internet connection.
    That is also why I have committed myself to learning Internet marketing.

I believe that Levitical work requires Levitical funding

God set apart an entire tribe, the Levites, who were responsible for health, welfare, education and some were dedicated to temple service. The tribe received 100% of the tithe, the priests received a tithe of the Levitical tithe. God’s Kingdom work still needs funding today, as it has always needed funding. You are responsible under God for the godly distribution of your tithes and offerings. We are called to be productive, let’s use our tithe strategically, to fund and support productive Kingdom work.
The Levites also owned their own land, and were able to sell what that land produced. It is my goal to own a productive language-teaching business, and free up funds for other strategic kingdom works, but that will take time. In the meantime, have a look below.

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