The Big Gay Kaboom!

The Church in Northern Ireland is Gay?

The Church in Northern Ireland is Gay?

On the nineteenth of May, 2015, one homosexual activist walked into a bakery and successfully detonated a time bomb under the complacent edifice of Northern Ireland evangelicalism. This blow may be reversed, temporarily, but the blast has amply demonstrated the weakness of Ulster evangelicalism. The question is “why was this ‘effeminate commando’ so successful?” Moreover I want to predict that Ulster evangelicalism will soon be utterly destroyed, by their supposed God. My thesis is that ‘the Church is so weak, and the effeminates are so strong because the sodomites and the people of God are wearing each others clothes.’ Worse than that, the ‘faithful’ church are, in reality, whoring after the definitive false god of the Bible, the Messianic state, and that only a remnant will pay the price of following Christ, the King and escape destruction.

Why so Weak?

Why are the Sodomites so strong? They are very few, much less that 1% of the population. Evangelicals, by contrast, represent the majority of the churchgoing population, an immense imbalance. Evangelicalism is, history tells us, the virile, active, go getting branch of Protestantism, ‘evangelical’ and ‘zeal’ go together like ‘Ulster’ and ‘heart disease.’ Clearly there is more than these two forces at play. The zeitgeist in the nation is pro effeminacy, the media is pro effeminate and anti evangelical, but this does not explain all. In a comparable case where a certain Mr. Badman, representing the powerful department of education, tried to ban homeschooling, a miniscule portion of the population, home educating mothers, rose as one, and defeated the move, despite media ridicule, and entrenched pro state school bias in the community. It may have been because the Labour government ran out of time, in God’s providence, but a win is a win, I suppose. A better question would be then, “why is evangelicalism so weak in the face of a rather minor attack?”

Clergy; The Third Sex

Evangelicalism is weak because it has become effeminate itself. Now, I am opposed to female clergy, as is scripture. Female elders are just a symptom of a wider malady, however. All too many clergy are themselves effeminate, a third sex, if you like, “men, women and preachers.” In fact, this is what their predominantly female congregations want; a womanly man, or, better still, a woman, praise God that this is not what I grew up with, I saw my minister more as John Wayne than Maureen O’Hara. As a child I reasoned; “If a minister wasn’t a man’s man, then he probably wasn’t really a minister.”

A Fake Woman’s Religion

The Church as a whole has become the parody of a 1950’s woman, ‘keepers at home’ only exercising their religion in the domestic bliss of Church or their own homes, every Christmas.

Shameful Deeds Committed in the Closet

Effeminate practices used to be confined to the privacy of bathhouses, or ‘in the closet’ so to speak, hidden away in shame and fear from the gazes of a hostile world. Where do Evangelicals practice their religion? In the public square, at work, at school? clearly not, they are atheistic evangelicals at these points, practical atheists, minus the ‘bad words’ and heavy drinking. Evangelicals practice their religion in the ‘closet’ of their Churches, or at home, hidden away in shame and fear from the gazes… you get the idea. Cleary the effeminate have burst out of the closet like a big gay ‘boom!,’ and a bunch of drably dressed Presbyterians have shuffled, hopelessly, but in perfect order, into the vacated magical wardrobe, hewn out of poop by Immanuel Kant.

It’s All About Love, Darling!

The effeminate are all about ‘love’ interpreted in terms of deviant sexuality. This is too bold for Ulster evangelicals; their religion is love only, but defined, deviating from previous Christian doctrine and history, in terms of emotion, not sexuality. The sexual deviancy of the sodomites is seen in its effeminate music and speech. The deviant emotionalism of the Northern Irish Evangelicals is evident in sappy, awful church songs, and ghastly, sappy sermons.

Hate free Zone

All who oppose the effeminate are ‘haters,’ and are treated with irrational, hysterical and unquenchable hate, strangely. ‘Love;’ deviant sexuality, is good. Opposing sin in the name of righteousness is ‘hate’ and is the only sin. Likewise, evangelicals are vehemently,  opposed to ‘hate.’ Haters are those who are opposed to ‘love’ of course. ‘Love’ being an ill defined, anti intellectual bundle of existential feelings. Those who critique the contemporary Church’s apostasy from the historic Christian faith are served up large servings of hate. Historical and doctrinal arguments are not engaged with intellectually, but with a big girly hissy fit.
The Super Gay Church

In a few words: the church, for men at least, is super gay

Sodomy and Lesbianism are present in the church, at the fringes. I am not suggesting that sexual deviancy is rampant in evangelicalism. Evangelicals love respectability too much. For the meantime there is still a social stink around deviants, it would cost too much to be a sexual pervert. I am saying that in all but burning in lust for members of the same sex, the evangelical church in N. Ireland is, ever increasingly, effeminate.

The Effeminate Church

I don’t need to tell you that a ‘gay’ church can never hope to become the church victorious. Nor is it the church militant. Many women in the Bible have accomplished martial deeds, but they were not pretending to be women, they were women. Just as two men can’t make babies between them, so the effeminate church has no future. It is like the British Empire in 1945, lost and alone in a brave new world, waiting to be swallowed up by the tide of history.

My Church is a Big Boy Church!

Now, you may say “that is not true of my Church.” Well, I have seen too much of N. Ireland evangelicalism first hand to accept this protestation. What about the minority ‘manly’ church? For example, the Reformed Presbyterian Church, which is noticeably less effeminate than the great bulk of Ulster Evangelicalism. Here is where things get a lot queerer.

The ‘Homosexual Theology’ of the ‘Right Wing’ Church?

It turns out that these seemingly unlikely bedfellows; evangelicals and the effeminate, are aware of, and agreed upon, abstruse points of Old Testament theology. The two most vehement opponents of the application of the civil law of God to civil government are the evangelicals first, and the effeminates second. Tragically, I have heard clergymen deride and dismiss Old Testament law, mocking it as just so much quibbling over ‘not mixing seeds’ and silly chatter about ‘tassels on one’s garments.’ Unlikely bedfellows indeed, but they are theological very friendly at this point.

Evangelicals Want Their Children to be Effeminate

Now, here is the most startlingly commonality between the effeminate and evangelical. Both groups want ‘their children’ to be effeminate, too. “Wait a minute” you say “that is a lie! I do not want my little Billy to grow up to be a (insert synonym for ‘sodomite’ here).” The harsh truth is that the everyday actions of 99% of Evangelicals screams; “I don’t care if my child turns out gay or not.” This may seem like a grand claim. But it is easily proven. My argument goes as follows.

  1. 99% of N. Ireland Evangelicals send their children to state schools.
  2. Evangelicals can read.
  3. Evangelicals can use Google.
  4. The Department of education for Northern Ireland publishes its curriculum freely on the Internet.
  5. That curriculum must legally be followed in all state schools in Northern Ireland.
  6. The revised curriculum openly and honestly states its ethical foundations in general, and specifically as it touches upon sexuality. The curriculum believes in the equality of all sexual ‘lifestyles.’
  7. The curriculum further, teaches that those who would condemn others for being homosexual should be condemned.
  8. Not one ‘Christian teacher’ resigned over this issue, as far as I know.
  9. 99.99% of parents still actively send their children to these homo’-promo’ schools.
  10. It is 100% legal to home educate ones children at home, or in the school of your choice.

Can anyone accept these 10 premises and honestly say that evangelicals in N. Ireland really care about their child’s ‘sexuality?’ It is very difficult to see how.

By Their ‘Fruit’ You Will Know Them

If it looks like a gay duck, and quacks like a gay duck, then guess what it is? At this most crucial cultural beachhead, the education of ones children, the Church has declared itself disinterested. Not by its cheap words, but by its cheap actions. The effeminate have OPENLY AND HONESTLY declared their desire to dictate the future through the propagandizing of the children of believers into the embracing of ‘alternative lifestyles.’ And the Church, by its inaction, and closed mouths said a hearty ‘amen!’ ‘So be it!’

Until the Church acts differently on this ‘gay’ issue, all its rhetoric in support of Ashers bakery is just hot air and hypocrisy. The Church has wakened out of its slumber, yes, it is annoyed, yes, but only because it is losing sleep. It only wants a return to the big, gay, status quo. It wants the freedom to be respectable during the week, and indulge freely in its emotional deviancy at the weekends, and maybe Wednesday as well, but not Christmas, because that would be pagan, you understand!

But The Church is Meant to Be a Woman!

Now, if we accuse the church of being effeminate, some might retort “ahh, but the Church is the Bride of Christ.” This is true, of course, but that does not mean that every church member is meant to embrace a ‘big girl’s blouse’ religion.

The Church in Northern Ireland Chases Lustily After Strangers

That raises an important point, however, the Church is meant to be faithful to her Lord. Her absolute Lord. Her King. Her political ruler. Many times in the Old Testament, and in the New, she was unfaithful, and ‘went a whoring.’ She acted the ‘harlot’ and went after other men with lusty abandon. Sexuality and ‘spiritual’ faithfulness are clearly linked. The ‘Liberal’ Church in Northern Ireland is like Israel in this, going all out, hell for leather, endorsing and embracing sexual deviancy. Judah, like Northern Irish Evangelicalism, eschewed such vulgarity. They wanted a respectable whoring, a more moral adultery. The result was the ‘Jehovah Baal Cult,’ a mingling of the true religion and the religion of Baal. Except, you must redefine, reduce and essentially remove Jehovah, before you can worship Baal. Who is Baal? Baal is Moloch, Egypt and Caesar. It is the Messiah State. The State that heals us, the State that protects us, the State who educates our children, and most of all, the state that provides for us, generously stealing from our neighbour so we don’t have to. Judah whored and whored, whilst all the while keeping the forms of the religion. The temple was the same, the altars and ceremonies were the same, and the priests dressed the same. All remained the same except their God. Their god was the state. Jesus was welcome to come and rapture them out of trouble but they would not have that man rule over them. After all,

“Don’t you realize that the Philistines are rulers over us?”

The greater sin than the homosexual activist’s is the sin of a Church whose emotional deviancy parallels the sexual deviancy of the sodomites. The greater, and prior, and more basic sin of is the spiritual whoredom after other gods and lords, namely, the socialist state. The effeminate church, the evanjellyfish, will stick by her man, Lord Baal, even if her children may turn out ‘a bit funny.’

“He is a fiiine sugar daddy! He gives me all the free stuff I like, and he sure knows what a girl wants. Other people’s money! Child support, government contracts, bureaucratic employment for life, and, best of all, a well-paid job teaching in one of Baal’s schools! What a man! Don’t talk to me about the Lord Jesus! His job is to get me to heaven and give me good feelings. I give him 2.5% of my income! What more does he want from me, to be my God? You talk about ‘Freedom in Christ’ well, it sounds a lot like slavery to me. You mean I have to provide for myself and my family? I have to tithe, to him? No thanks, I’d rather pay 40% to the state, at least Baal is here and I can see him.”

Why Should a Jilted Husband Pick up the Phone?

Why should God answer the prayers of such a heavily compromised a syncretised church? Will God ‘save us from the homos’ so that we might be free to whore in peace? Never! Such a God would be a disgrace, such a husband would be a fool to treat his whore-bride like this. There is no hope for the effeminate, whoring Evangelical Church in Northern Ireland. It will die, it has been dying for a long time. From as long ago as the 1830’s the Church has abandoned her children, and her future, by abandoning Christ’s schools, and Christ’s children to the (then only moderately) secular state. Her love for Baal has only grown since.

I am a Prophet, and a Prophet’s Son

Can such whoredom be cured? Humanly speaking, “no.” Spiritually speaking, the answer may be the same. ‘There is no hope for Ephraim leave him alone.” It is certainly true that the cost of her repentance will be great. Will she turn to God for financial provision? Will she tithe to the Lord again? Which she re-establish schools and churches and hospitals for Christ? Will she be willing to face the social ridicule and clerical bullying for living as if Christ were Lord and to be obeyed in public? Will she pay the heavy price for growing up?
I know that God has his remnant in every age. Those who are willing to give their life’s blood rather than be unfaithful to her Lord. They are the few, the precious few. They will pay the price, be it ever so steep, of faithfulness. Meanwhile, the sleepy, complacent, effeminate, whoring church, will be trampled under the foot of men. Trampled to pieces until nothing is left, like the generation lost in the desert, save the little ones and Caleb and Joshua. How my eyes fill with tears at this prospect, and with what horror I read how God will destroy the people of his name, and take delight in doing it!

….as the LORD rejoiced over you to do you good, and to multiply you; so the LORD will rejoice over you to destroy you, and to bring you to nought; and ye shall be plucked from off the land whither thou goest to possess it.

May God give us grace to repent, and to serve Christ, the real Christ, our King, anew, and throw away and trample under foot this dungy-god, the secular state.


Nathan teaches in a parent-supervised Christian Learning Centre in Puebla, Mexico, and has been involved with missions and Christian education in Europe, East and West Africa, Asia, and now, North America. He recieves no salary and is entirely dependent upon the giving of the people of God to meet his needs.

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