Millenials have a bright future, even in this economy. It will mean a personal revolution however, Laura Vaivada shares her journey and her answers to the ‘Millennial crisis’ and business problems, in this interview with
The government doesn’t have the answers, they helped cause the problem in the first place.

The Church is more concerned with your soul and the “after-life” than anything else.
Neither you or I can hope to change either institution, so, what in the world can we do?
Apply the Law-Word of God locally, using the skills, interests and calling that God has given you, listen to Laura’s story, it will inspire you.
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Doing Business God’s Way
Joe Morecraft of Amazon
Greg Bahnsen on Amazon
Gary North Free Books
American Vision

Bojidar Marinov
Have Bojidar Teach you Mathematics
Nathaniel Ezemandu
Ron Smith
Faith Counselling, Lafayette

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