Caesar is Lord: In our hearts

Caesar is Lord: In our hearts

OK, OK, this blog is about Christian worldview education the developing world, why are you writing about a bakery in Northern Ireland, again?! Because, when the West catches a cold, the developed world goes on a sneezing fit. I remember a men’s missionary retreat in Senegal, West Africa, where we had fun in the sun on Saturday, and, in place of a Church service we, the cutting edge of the Kingdom of God in a Muslim land were treated to a faithful re-statement of the thesis of The Purpose Driven Life. Not only do we send second hand clothing to Africa, we send our ‘used’ bargain basement pop theology too. The Church in the developing world follows the leadership of the West, either by imitation, or by direct leadership of Western missionaries on the ground. Furthermore, the end of Christian worldview education is the discipleship of the entire nation. Any trend that sees the Church deviate from her nation-discipling focus in the mission sending countries, will have a marked effect on the developing world.

So, here goes.

The Christian Church vs. Caesar: Total Win

The Early Church, that rag-tag car crash, understood the Great Commission.  They were offered tolerance, again, and again and again. But they understood the price, the surrender of the gospel. The Gospel of the Kingdom, that ‘Our Lord Reigns’. They could have all the freedom they wanted to worship on Sunday, and write praise songs, but they realised that this was not the sum and substance of the Church of Christ the King. All they had to do was burn some incense, a political act, and acknowledge the Lordship, the political preeminence of Caesar. They refused, because, in the political realm, as well as in all others, Jesus was Lord, not Caesar. And so, the wars ensued, ebbing and flowing, until the Church emerged victorious and the Roman Empire bowed the knee to Christ.

The Christian Church vs. the Pagan gods of Europe: Win

With the commission to ‘occupy until I come’ echoing in their ears over the centuries the Church built Christian institutions; Schools, Hospitals, Universities, Monasteries and more, to meet the needs of the royal people, a people belonging to God, who would ‘bear rule.’ Augustine, Isidore of Seville, and wave after wave of Church council built the practical and theoretical foundation which would come to be Christendom. The Kingdom of Christ, with all its imperfections, was victorious in the face of vicious pagan opposition. Health care, education, civil government, law, international relations, trade, industry and technology were forging ahead, animated by that divine command to ‘replenish the earth and subdue it.’

The Magisterial Reformation: Superstition and Humanism is For Losers, Back to Work!

With the reformation the humanism of the Renaissance and the ugly superstition of Rome was dealt a heavy blow, and the Church was recalled to its task of discipling the nation and advancing the creation mandate. Technology, trade, science, learning of all kinds, exploded, new frontiers were opened up for the gospel, and new nations were being won with the renewal of missionary activity and settlement and exploration, notably in the New World. Nations were being won, and the Lordship of Christ was being asserted in every area, in the state and elsewhere.

Meanwhile, In Northern Ireland, Caesar is our ‘Sugar Daddy,’ and We Want to be Tolerated

With two thousand years of victorious Christian history, albeit with its ebbs and flows. Two thousand years of being responsible for our own health care, welfare, education. Two thousand years of demanding that Caesar submit to Christ, and look at us.

We have bought the lie of Satan that the world belongs to him. We have accepted Caesar as our Lord, our political master. We have told ourselves, in disobedient defiance of the Word of our King, that we are not a royal people, who will inherit the earth and who must occupy until he comes. We have given away our schools to Caesar, we have given our hospitals to Pharaoh, we have abandoned Christian welfare for Caesar’s ‘bread and circuses.’ And we want toleration. We want Caesar for a neutral abriter between god and evil. We want everyone to leave us alone to practice the religion we have invented for our own amusement.

How the mighty have forgotten the strength they have in their Lord.

What Happens When You Don’t Conquer?

The Church in Northern Ireland is in free-fall. It cannot keep its young people in Church. Which is not surprising, since they have received a fourteen year plus indoctrination in Caesar’s religion, with the blessing of the clergy. Will a slow death be the fate of the Church in our beloved, but not very insightful, Ulster? This is not how God operates. He picks up his remnant, and raises up a generation that will follow him, conquering for Christ, as their forefathers have done through history.

What happens to those in the churches, but out of the Remnant? They are left in the desert to die. Does this mean that they all go to hell? I don’t believe so, but, at the very least, we can expect a mere existence and defeat. To ask for tolerance and equal treatment from our presumed Lord, the state, is to invite God’s judgement upon us.

More Saint Patrick, Less Pastor Patricia

Saint Patrick did not ask the chiefs for toleration and equal treatment. He confronted the idols, and told the chiefs to submit to Christ, and he won, because Christ is Reigning at the right hand of the Father. We have no St. Patricks, we have Pastor Patricias, who cannot imagine that life under Christ the King. The cannot imagine how they could live without the approval, funding and institutions of Caesar. Christ is Lord of our hearts, and in heaven, but the real world is a different matter. God give us the same faith as Patrick had, in content and quality, and we will see, by his grace, the world turned right-side up in Ulster. The plague of militant effeminates is yet another scourge sent by God to turn us back to himself, let us heed him, and live.


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