Christian Educators need protection from the godless state, Matt Trewhella points to a way of godly resistance and victory.
1. Q. Could you tell us a little about yourself.
2. Q. I believe you went to Europe recently, was it for business or pleasure and, if business, how did your business go?
3. Your ministry is about the revival of the Christian doctrine of the lesser magistrate in the U.S. and further afield. This show is concerned with theonomic Christian education for poor and marginalized children.
a. Q. What, in your eyes, represents good Christian education?
b. Q. How relevant has the Law of God been in your own lesser magistrate ministry?
4. Q. How did God call you into this ministry?
5. Q. What, in short, is the doctrine of the lesser magistrate?
6. Q. What’s “front and centre” for your ministry at the moment?
7. The relevance of the doctrine of the lesser magistrate doctrine to the domain of Christian education wasn’t immediately obvious to me. The more I see of the work of the ‘learning center’ here in Puebla, and the more ‘horror stories’ I hear of state interference with Christian schools and homeschools in the West, the clearer it is that Christian educators and their institutions need someone to ‘stand in the gap’ for them.
a.Q. Do you know of any instances where a lesser magistrate has interposed himself to protect Christian schools or homeschools?
b. Q. Do you think that protecting a Christian school or homeschool is worth risking a fine or a prison term for?
8. Q. Why do you think so many Christians are so fearful of state threats to conform to unjust, humanistic regulation of their schools?
9. Q. How does a fearful Christian educator find the courage to stand up against threatenings of the state?
10. Q. What would your advice be to Christians wanting to set up Christian schools or homeschools in places where this is either difficult because of regulatory hurdles, or simply illegal?
11. a. Q. How can people find out more about your ministry?
b. Q.Any final words for the listeners? Thanks very much, etc.

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