More than a dozen unique interviews with, authors, educators, businessmen and others who each have a special take or something valuable to contribute on Christian Education.

Nation-Changing Education? How? Roger Oliver & Vision-Mexico.com

Matt Trewhella, the Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrate

Nathaniel Chuks Ezemandu; Blessing 162,000,000 Neighbours With a Solid Biblical World-View

Nathan Conkey Interview on the Colin Gunn Show

Theonomic Missions from Scratch

Grace Community Schools Apprenticeship Program: Counting the High Cost to Reap the Greatest Blessing

Serving Generation X, Y and B(usiness) a testimony & interview with Laura Vaivada HD

Rev. Mike O’Donovan on Christian Education and more. Not to be missed!

An Introduction to Grace Community Schools: In Conversation with Rev. Jeremy Walker

The Robinson Curriculum, PocketCollege.com, A Conversation with Arnold Jagt

Christian (re-) building in the Amazon, with Martin Davison

How to Earn Your FULL Reward in Christian Education with Aaron Slack & LRNteach.com

Biblical Law and Education: Chalk and Cheese? Andrea Schwartz

Frank Brito: Training the Trainers in Brazil (Theonomic Missions)

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