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  1. Jerk Christers

    Anyone who tries to force Jesus down the throats of people in this country will end up being resisted. If done illegally and physically, well, that’s why we have the second amendment.

    • lrnteach

      Every day the religion of humanism is forced down the throats of…. the great majority of American students, and every is forced to pay for it, whether they want to or not. It is a pity American rhetoric on the 2nd amendment evaporates in the heat of the day.

  2. Alvin Plummer

    First, your initial sentence on this page is:
    Hi, I’d love to hear your from you, if you want to get in touch, just
    fill in the below form, thanks! πŸ™‚
    [contact-form 1 β€œContact form 1”]

    You may want to delete the bracketed material πŸ™‚

    Second, I find that podcasts, while they have their strengths – mainly portability and drive-time education – has some serious issues as well. ( has a list of them), mainly because listeners tend to forget them quickly, can’t quote or go over them, and we read a lot faster than we listen.

    BUT, there are people who are better listeners than readers, and its a lot better than the usual blather we hear on the radio or TV!

    Also, I am glad that you are doing interviews: it’s one of the best ways to use podcasts! Everyone loves to listen to interesting people, and we may well learn something new!

    A suggestion: Have you considered a “recruitment” set of podcasts? Something like a 2-minute talk to get the interest of the listener, and a 20 minute explanation on either what you do and why we should support you, or on the general benefit of Christian Reconstruction and the Great Commission (like but shorter)?

    Also: I think that you can keep the podcasts we get when we sign up with you, but perhaps you can talk to the author, and offer a sweetheart deal if we want to buy the PDFs (which we can go over and study properly). I think the author would be agreeable to this: I’d surely chip in a buck or three for a PDF of his work!

    Finally… thank you for your good work. I am confident that God appreciates it!

    • lrnteach

      Thanks for the comment, yes, I read the article and smiled, or winced. I appreciate his comments very much and am a subscriber, but he does suffer from universal expert syndrome. Podcasts are not articles, and articles are not podcasts. The same analysis would apply to movies, if the script were included perhaps it would get more traffic, which would of course be silly.
      A big part of all of this is time, I agree that a shorter piece leading to a longer one would be good, but, it regularly takes me 7 hours for just 30 minutes or less content weekly. I am considering sharing transcripts of my Postmil Report and seeing what the traffic would be like, it would be a good use of my time.
      Anyway, thanks for taking the time Alvin, every blessing now,



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