Introducing ‘Christian Ed’ Wednesday.’

Read to the end and you’ll hear about how you can get six original Christian audio books free of charge. First, my back story.
Twenty years ago I was sat in university studying the 1859 revival. I was a Presbyterian, the son of a Presbyterian minister. I had been educated in the leading (former) Presbyterian grammar school in the land. Presbyterianism was the biggest Protestant denomination in Ulster, but Instead of being a tower of strength fighting God’s battles against secular humanism, Presbyterians were more like water, flowing into whatever mould they found themselves in, colourless, odourless and tasteless.
This lack of distinctiveness was most glaring in education, Presbyterians used to educate their own in their own Christian schools, but now, nearly everyone sent their children to secular humanist state schools, with the clergy’s blessing.
The only struggle around schooling was for ministers’ wives and daughters to get the best jobs in the ‘best’ secular humanist schools, where the most pious Presbyterians would teach agnostic versions of history, politics, economics, biology, and geography.

This disconnect throbbed like a migraine in my young mind, so, I began looking for answers in my Father’s library amongst the great Presbyterian scholars such as Cornelius Van Til and J. Gresham Machen. These men were salty, not tasteless, they claimed every area of life, particularly education, for Christ. Gresham Machen spoke like a prophet on the floor of congress, against secular humanist schools. The gap between the cultic, Sunday Presbyterianism of Ulster, and the vigorous, real-world Presbyterianism of these men, was striking.

Could it really be true that my denomination, and all the other Christian churches were more faithful disciples of Immanuel Kant than of Jesus Christ? Their devotion to keeping the ‘spirit-realm’ separate from the real world was absolute. Their devotion to the command of Christ to disciple the nation was missing in inaction.

Back to this history tutorial. Marx was there-present in class to give an answer to the causes of the 1859 revival. Social, political and economic factors triggered the event. But the Holy Spirit… was absent, voiceless. At the apex of my formal education, studying the most ‘spiritual’ and ecclesiastical topic possible, God and His covenant were, as usual, absent. There never will be room for the God of the Bible in Satan’s back-pocket. I realised in a flash, that Christians needed their own schools and home schools.
In this podcast/video/blog series I want to reach out to those at the margin, the God-fearing, those uncomfortable with the status-quo and are looking for answers to the education problem.
I want to share with you the theological , philosophical, and practical inspiration that will, with the Holy Spirit’s blessing, empower you to engage in Christian education where you are, to start Christian schools, home schools and more, in my homeland, or wherever you are.

So, go to and subscribe for updates on the latest episodes. As a ‘thank you’ I will give you six! original Christian audio books.

  • You will receive ‘Reconstructing Missions’ by Bojidar Marinov
  • ‘The Great Decommission’ by Stephen C Perks
  • ‘The Christian Philosophy of Education Explained’ by Stephen C. Perks
  • ‘A Defence of the Christian State’ by Stephen C. Perks
  • ‘The Problem of the Gifted Speaker’ by Stephen C. Perks
  • ‘The Christian Passover: Agape Feast or Ritual Abuse?’ by Stephen C. PerksAll narrated by yours truly, Mr. Nathan Conkey

I really look forward to pointing to the greatness of God in education in the real world. Until another Wednesday, ciao!

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