What are missions like at present? Why are they so ineffective? How on earth do you go about doing missions the Bible way?
Here are the questions that Roger Oliver, Jason Lawton, Stephen Perks and Bojidar answered.

1.Missions in Practice
How would you characterise evangelical missions, home or foreign, as you have experienced them?
2. Missions in Theory
Which intellectual trends and theological doctrines have led us to the present dead level in evangelical missions?
3. Encouraging counter trends in missions
Are there any counter-trends in the theory and practice of missions or, indeed in wider society, which are, in your judgement, conducive to more faithful mission work?
4. Godly Mission Foundations
What are the key doctrines which need to be established or re-established and applied or re-applied to set missions on the foundation of Christ?
5. Godly Missions on the Field
What might Biblical/Covenantal missions look like in practice, on the ground?
6. Making Godly Missions ‘Happen’
How, in practice, do you;
a. Disseminate the doctrines behind godly missions and or train missionaries?
b. How do you go about starting Biblical missions from scratch in a given context?
7. Anything else you would like to add?
Books mentioned during this presentation.
Apostate – Kevin Swanson
An Introduction to the Science of Missions

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