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What is LrnTeach.com’s mission and why should you care?

Why Bother with the Poor & Marginalised?

  • Christ’s concern was with the poor and the marginalised. This concern is evident from the Torah, through the Psalms, Proverbs and Prophets and reaches a crescendo in the gospels, the book of Luke in particular. God’s heart should be ours.
  • Church growth is happening most among the poorest areas in the world. Sub-saharan Africa, Northern India and Latin America are booming while the rich West fizzles out. In terms of numbers of Christians, the global south towers over the global North.
  • The vast numbers of Christians in the South are spectacularly under-served in terms of Christian Education, the underserved need to be served.
  • Exponential growth and lack of resources are just two reasons why traditional forms of Christian education will not work. Bricks and mortar are out, Bachelors degree and Ph. D’s – forget about it! These solutions won’t scale and they’re an ineffective solution to someone else’s problem.
  • Christian education that meets the needs of the Church in the developing world simply must be delivered electronically ‘clicks, no mortar’ on mobile devices. There is much more to say on the issue, but western-style schools and uni’s won’t scale, ones and zeros will.

About LrnTeach.com

I am reaching out to do-ers in Christian Education, particularly those with a heart for the developing world, who are willing to think outside the box, inside the Bible.

This is the place for writing and reflection on issues relating to my goal;

“To maximise opportunities for effective Christian education and training in and for the developing world through the appropriate use of electronic learning.”

All types of things which relate to this goal, eLearning rôle models, technology, methodologies, learning theory and reveiws of relevant books will be covered in this blog.

About Me

lrnteach.com is the work of , Nathan Conkey. I have worked as a computer trainer in the past, and worked with Wycliffe Bible Translators as volunteer and member, maintaining I.T. hardware and software, on and off since 2003 both in West Africa, (Senegal and Guinea-Bissau) and in the U.K.
I am an evangelical Christian, and currently attend Dromore Reformed Presbyterian Church, in the beautiful County Down, in (complicated but hospitable) Northern Ireland. I have a bachelors degree in History and Politics from Queens University and a Diploma (with distinction) from Belfast Bible College. I have also worked in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia in Evangelical Theological College as an English teacher to hone my teaching skills in a developing-world context.
Currently I’m working on an eLearning project for Academic English for Bible Colleges in the developing world. I am also talking with an organisation “African Christian Textbooks on a plan to make quality Christian ebooks more freely available through their network of bookstores and beyond to the Christian pastor and layman.
I also volunteer for FareShare as a driver and teach English as a foreign language  in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

LRNteach.com is the work of Nathan Conkey and contributors. It’s here to inspire and equip you in some small way to engage with Biblical Worldview Education for the sake of the poor and marginalised. To this end you’ll find articles, book reviews, videos and audio posted and re-posted.




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