Christian Ed’ Wed(nesday) Christian Education Videos, with a Christian Reconstructionist Flavour

Every Wednesday: original videos challenging your thinking on education from a Christian Reconstructionist perspective. If you don’t like it, tell me. If you do, share it with your friends.  

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Missions in the Muslim World: Church Planting or the Kingdom of God

Many ‘Developing’ countries are also ‘closed’ Muslim countries. If you want to educate in a Muslim country, better know how to work effectively in such a context. Jason is a 22 year veteran of ministry in a closed Muslim country.

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The Ashers Bakery Case is a Sideshow: The Northern Ireland Evangelical Church is ‘gay’ and Whores After the Ultimate False god, The Secular State, and Will be Destroyed

The Big Gay Kaboom! On the nineteenth of May, 2015, one homosexual activist walked into a bakery and successfully detonated a time bomb under the complacent edifice of Northern Ireland evangelicalism. This blow may be reversed, temporarily, but the blast

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